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At Helpringham Primary School, our curriculum intent is to develop our sense of ourselves, others and the world.

We aspire to expose children to broad and diverse range of music and instruments. We want children to develop an enthusiasm and passion for music within and beyond school. By allowing all children to experience and engage in musical opportunities across the school, this will enthuse and inspire all pupils. We want our children to compose and recognise simple melodies. Exposing children to a variety of musicians and musical performance will enhance their understanding and enthusiasm for learning beyond the classroom.

We aim to develop their pedagogy by offering external music courses to the scheme that we’re using currently. The framework provides a clear pathway of learning which progressively builds on skills. In house staff training offers opportunities to build confidence to transcribe and compose music.

We ensure that high quality teaching drives high quality learning through regular assessment for learning which ensures no child is left behind.

In their music lessons pupils use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. Assemblies will also provide an opportunity to explore a diverse range of music artists and genres.

Pupils will also be taught to play a variety of instruments musically and encouraged to play together in ensemble groups. We encourage listening to a wide range of music with concentration and understanding.

When appropriate, music lessons are linked to Topic work and music is used in a variety of lessons and activities to create, mood, atmosphere and to help thinking.

We use Charanga to support our teaching of Music.

Our curriculum vision document below demonstrates how Music links to our whole school vision, supporting our children to develop their sense of themselves, others and the world. 

Click on the link for further information on the National Curriculum Music Programmes of Study: