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At Helpringham Primary School, our curriculum intent is to develop our sense of ourselves, others and the world.

Within History we enable the children to develop their sense of self by encouraging them to become passionate and curious historians. The children are encouraged to be self-motivated to explore the past and to raise questions to find out more. We support them to understand that history makes us who we are and guides our futures.

In order to develop our sense of others within History we teach the children about our local history, of family and location, and ensure they have knowledge and understanding of key historical figures and their impact in history. We challenge children to think about other people’s actions in the past and to understand similarities and differences between different historical periods

History helps our children to develop their sense of the world around them as they are taught about historical concepts across different time periods and countries. Children know and understand the chronological history of Britain and the wider world for example ancient civilisations, empires and non-European societies. They understand how historical enquiry helps us to understand the past.

We ensure that high quality teaching drives high quality learning through regular assessment for learning which ensures no child is left behind. 

Our curriculum vision document below demonstrates how History links to our whole school vision, supporting our children to develop their sense of themselves, others and the world. 

Click on the link for further information about the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for History: