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At Helpringham Primary School, our curriculum intent is to develop our sense of ourselves, others and the world.

Within Geography we enable the children to develop their sense of self by becoming passionate about their surroundings and local community. The children are encouraged to be self-motivated to explore and care for their immediate environment. We support them to understand that the great outdoors has a positive effect on their mental wellbeing as well as recognising that the choices they make can affect the world around them.

In order to develop our sense of others within Geography we teach the children to work together to care for the environments around them. We provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively challenge others' views and actions of the world. We recognise and respect others lives around the world by learning about their countries and understanding that the physical and human features may be the same or different to our own.

Geography helps our children to develop their sense of the world around them by recognising where they live in relation to others. We develop their knowledge of key landmarks, physical and human features and enable them to compare and contrast elements to their own local environment. We use world events to help children understand where in the world they are happening and the impact of them where relevant.

We ensure that high quality teaching drives high quality learning through regular assessment for learning which ensures no child is left behind.

As part of the Geography curriculum children take part in activities exploring people and places, undertake field work and use a range of maps on a variety of scales. Through the curriculum children utilise a wide range of geographical vocabulary and practise using it to describe places studied.

Our curriculum vision document below demonstrates how Geography links to our whole school vision, supporting our children to develop their sense of themselves, others and the world. 

Click on the link for further information on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study